Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bag #2 of Carob Chips

So sorry for the slow start! Lots of things have been going on these past weeks, but I do have some progress. We have been making other things in between recipe progress that I will share later (ground cherry pie with LARD in the crust, and cookies that you actually bake that my wonderful husband has perfected...much to my dismay).

For starters, I have found that carob chips are delicious! I really wasn't all that familar with carob chips and I thought they were a standard chocolate substitute that hippies used, or were used in dog treats. To be honest, I liked them. A lot. And although I have no memory of ever eating a substance called carob before, something about them tasted vaguely familiar. Almost like something I had eaten before...and then it dawned on me. Carob chips plus black walnuts was the exact taste of the cookies that Crazy Dead Grandma used to make and pass off as chocolate chip cookies. I KNEW IT! I always thought the cookies that CDG made tasted funny. Not bad, just funny. I still liked them, but I was certain they were not chocolate chips. Who knew that CDG was being trendy by using carob chips :)

The recipe in question I have been working on is a no-bake cookie type of snack that was labeled as 'healthy' by Crazy Dead Grandma. I started working on this thinking, oh, this will be fun, easy, and delicious. Hahahahah, right! The first batch of 'cookies' was waaaaaay too sticky and no amount of chilling could resurrect the pastey goo into a texture that could hold the shape of a ball. Well I have successfully solved that problem, but now have the opposite issue. Instead of a spreadable substance, I went directly to a dry and crumbly one that has no way of holding its shape. Looks like it is time to head back to Whole Foods for another bag of carob chips and attempt #3.

Cross your fingers for me and my diet...the scale doesn't like it when I don't make food that I can take out of the house and share with others.

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